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Cognitive Nondual Psychology

What is Cognitive-Nondual-Psychology

Cognitive-Nondual-Psychology is a 21st century therapeutic approach dealing with the field, the therapeutic space, rather than with separate objects. The experience of loneliness, the symptoms of depression, anxiety, suicidality, addiction, and other symptoms of our era, receive a direct therapeutic answer with cognitive nondual psychology. As 20th century quantum physics to 18th century Newton’s physics is cognitive- nondual-psychology to previous approaches.

Cognitive-nondual-psychology deals with the cognitive-nondual-field. Human beings have a birth right for a potential of interpersonal communication that is in great length greater than what is currently used. Increasing sensitivity to the cognitive-nondual- field with depth of understanding and beyond initial psychological needs provides an increase in efficiency, accurateness, clarity, and quality in all therapeutic aspects. Thus, cognitive-nondual psychology is also efficient as a short term goal oriented therapy.

The Cognitive-Nondual-Field

In simple words, nonduality is a state of consciousness. With the nondual state there is a shift in the perception of reality. One of the elements of this change in consciousness is an experience of unity rather than separateness. Instead of the experience of separate objects with relations in space, there is an experience of a field of non – separation. The cognitive element still exists, but changes in its intensity in the cognitive-nondual-field.

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