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Five Roots

Therapeautic Model

The therapeutic model, The Five Roots, represents the cognitive-nondual-field. As a blooming tree needs developed roots, is the attaining of personal fulfillment needs the five levels of root depths of the cognitive-nondual field. Development of the five roots encourages the activation of qualities from potentiality to actuality; the cognitive quality, as well as, depths qualities upon which the personality develops.


Integration of these depths allows for self-actualization and a fuller life experience.  The responsibility to experience and navigate between the five roots lies on the therapist, while for the client; the therapeutic model exists at the background of the therapeutic process.


The treatment provides tools to answer the challenge of life's thresholds. Explicitly, treatment allows for increasing the capacity for interpersonal relationships, creativity and self-fulfillment whilst decreasing feelings of loneliness, lack of sense of purpose, and contentment, anxiety, depression, trauma aftermath, spiritual emergency, integration of states of consciousness, overcoming shattering, induced by drugs, states of consciousness, and more.


Treatment occurs between equal participants, the therapist and the client. The therapist allows for an expansion of the tools available for life choices and navigation through them. Client is perceived as a whole with abundance of opportunities that at times aren't available for him or her.


The approach is an integration of interpersonal neuropsychology, that which gives a conclusive answer to trauma conditions and interpersonal issues, and psychoanalysis. It's integration between the somatic-neurological-American approach to brain science and the classic European approach to the human psyche. It's an integration of the cognitive quality, the evolutionary developmental achievement of the brain (cortical and pre-frontal areas)   and the depths quality, beyond the personality, of the psyche.

מודל טיפולי


The therapeutic goal is achieving self-empowerment. The more that the partner of the therapeutic path is more authentically himself, or herself, the more the client can choose to utilize his or her strengths – then his or her life attuned to the "right cord". It does not imply that there will be no pain, suffering, or sadness. But it means that life experience will increase in its vitality, intensity, colors, opportunities and variety of choices.  Deepening the process of self-empowerment beyond the personality limitations is infinite.   

Narrative and Potential
Life story and self-identity contributes to individual psychological health. None the less, labels may restrict.  With the Five Roots model, cognitive-nondual-psychological treatment, we strive for the experience of reality outside of personal conditioning and out of respect for them.

Not Either/ Or - But Both
The cognitive capability is an essential resource. Cognition allows for analysis, planning, communication and understanding. The nondual field exists parallel to the cognitive ability. With the Five Roots model, cognitive-nondual-psychological treatment, the cognitive ability is being utilized for understanding and navigation within the nondual field. In this way, the various consciousness depths enrich one another. 


Here & Now

Present time is the time in which we have the freedom of choice and the capacity to reflect on the path behind us and the path that is ahead of us. Moreover, tools, strengths, and possibilities are in our disposal in the present time, even if they're in a hidden corner, or at the back of our mind. With the Five Roots model, cognitive-nondual-psychological treatment, the opportunity of receiving the support that is needed to utilize resources that exist now grows and expands. 

Consciousness Depths –

The Five Roots
The Five Roots and the cognitive-nondual-field are the heart of the cognitive-nondual-psychology. This field has five depths of roots that are detailed from the surface of consciousness to the depth of consciousness: 1. Cognitive. 2. Archetypal. 3. Hallucinatory. 4. Mindlessness. 5. The Utter Field of Silence. Moreover, the field has two poles:  nothingness and oneness. The therapist that is utilizing the Five Roots model, cognitive-nondual-psychology, knows to navigate between consciousness depths and the two poles, and to be in several states of depths of consciousness, simultaneously.


For example, the capacity to be in the cognitive depth, run a conversation with the client, and simultaneously to analyze and examine the archetypal depth of the cognitive-nondual-field. Depth understanding of these consciousness depths and the experience from within them allows a flow, as well as parallel state of beings.    

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