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Ann Churchill M.A counselor

& poet

Smadar de Lange is an extraordinary psychotherapist and teacher of non-dual psychology. As a therapist, she provides the deep reassuring presence needed on  a short term issue as well as on the most difficult of journeys. Even in silence Smadar is there and aware; I would use those to two words to describe her in general. She has experience with a wide variety of clients.

Smadar has public speaking experience in the fields of medicine and health and is comfortable teaching; as for her ability to teach nondual psychology one has only to read her PhD thesis to appreciate her understanding of this topic and where it belongs in the field of psychology in general. She understands it from the inside out, and is a gifted teacher of all types of psychology.

I will add that her personality has a kindness and maturity seldom found in people who are so intellectually advanced. It is my pleasure to recommend her for any position requiring a reassuring presence and deep understanding of non-dual psychology. 

Jo Sopko, LMFT, RDT
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist 

Smadar has the rare gift of blending to near perfection a deeply heartfelt compassion and a keen insight into the psychological realm.   She has the ability to hold the client in pure non-judgmental openness, while her penetrating discernment encourages the client to reflect on, and acquire life-changing skills on their journey of self-discovery.   Smadar becomes the unconditional companion of the client as they walk towards their healing on the therapeutic  path.  

Rashani Réa, founder of Kipukamaluhia Sanctuary

Having been in training with Smadar de Lange, over a decade ago, I was privileged to witness her compassionate way of relating to people and her unique way of metabolizing information and life experiences. Her spontaneity is deeply rooted in timelessness and I love how she responds to joyous events — and deals with challenging situations. She has within her an ancient wisdom lamp, which shines brightly wherever she goes, gently and profoundly touching those who are blessed to be with her.  Smadar has a marvelous ability to hold presence in a sacred, authentic manner and to transmit to her clients and students, friends, family members, and colleagues the mysterious art of becoming grace prone. In brief: Smadar is a gift for this world~!

Nancy Feritas Lambert Psy.D. , Clinical Psychologist

Smadar is an exceptional therapist. She has a brilliant mind and sees the world in a unique and gifted way. She has an innate, natural ability to emotionally connect with her clients in an authentic and empathic way. This natural ability lends a great deal to the development of a strong therapeutic alliance and she is both skilled and capable of using this solid  alliance to enhance the treatment she provides. Her capacity for listening and holding very difficult case material in a non-judgmental way, with an open mind, contributes positively to her success and longevity with her clients. Another area of strength for Smadar is her ability to educate and teach others. She is extremely knowledgable and passionate about non dualism psychology.  She is articulate, and descriptive in her teaching style,  creating a learning environment rich with creativity and exploration. 

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